Thursday, August 7, 2014

Help me with my New Book: If you chase ecstacy...perhaps you will catch it....

I am conducting research for a major new book, Chasing Ecstacy, and I need your help! 

Would you like your story to be immortalized in the pages of a potential bestseller? 

The book is expected be published sometime in 2015.   

Here is what you need to know about me:

I truly enjoy pleasing a woman. Of course, nearly all men will say this, but very often they seem to believe that the best way to satisfy a woman is simply to bang her as hard and fast as they possibly can. And in some cases, these men will be rightbecause I have certainly met women who enjoy that.

But that is not me. I am a guy who values the the appetizer over the main course. I love to take things kiss and caress.To take time to find and focus on all the special places where my touch, or perhaps my kiss, will make a woman gasp.

Most of all, I love to use my mouth and my tongue to make a woman feel things that she has perhaps never felt before. Usually my goal is to drive a woman to the very threshold of ecstasy, but then to pull gently back and force her to linger in that purgatory of desire. Once I have her there, I love to tease. The idea is to keep her balanced on a knife’s edgea place where she feels an unbearable need for final climax and yet wants the pleasure she feels to go on forever.

If I can succeed in taking an attractive woman to that point and then keeping her there for a time, I am richly rewarded. I find myself captivated and excited by the sounds she makes. By the way her body moves and trembles in response to my touch; her moans and pleas and her arching back and clenching toes. It is a feeling of great power to give another human being that much pleasure: to know that she will long carry the memory of that moment and of the feeling I have created inside her. I enjoy sex very much. But I enjoy that feeling of power and accomplishment even more. For me it is the greatest possible turn-on.

I am, by profession, a writer. At the moment I am penning a book about my adventures. If we have memorable experience together, perhaps you will be immortalized in its pages. Don't worry, I won't use your real name if you don't want me to.

I you are an attractive, fun-seeking lady located in the San Francisco Bay area, I would like to hear from you.  A full disclosure: I am attached and must be discreet. Still I crave adventure. Yes, it is naughty.  If you are open minded, single or attached, and very discreet, feel free to contact by email. I prefer serial monogamy....I do not cast my net widely. I like to spend time to learn what drives a lady and expand her pleasure over time. I want to write about how it gets better and better for you.

The women featured in my book may potentially have access to other opportunities if the book makes it onto the bestseller listfor example modelling, acting, a book of your own, etc.